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Remblokken voor E-bikes

The new G1652 compound, violet coloured, stands out for its resistance to high temperatures, braking power, durability and quiet braking.
GALFER BIKE is launching a new brake pad semi metallic compound developed specifically for electric bikes. E-bikes are heavier and faster than other bikes because they incorporate an electric engine that provides higher inertia.
The new GALFER G1652 brake pads, and the new oversized brake disc DB007W, arrive to the market to address braking issues on many e-bikes with stock brakes that usually offer inadequate performance, causing overheating and resulting in ineffective brakes and excess wear.
GALFER BIKE is one of the first brands in the world to include a brake pad compound specific for e-bike users.
The GALFER G1652 brake pads will be available to buy from October 2018 for the following brake references and models:
- FD293G1652 (Shimano Deore)
- FD426G1652 (Shimano Zee/Saint/XTR 4 piston)
- FD436G1652 (Magura MT2/4/6/8)
- FD451G1652 (Formula R Series)
- FD452G1652 (Shimano XT 2014-/XTR 2 piston)
- FD455G1652 (Avid/SRAM Code R)
- FD459G1652 (SRAM Guide)
- FD469G1652 (SRAM Level TLM/Ultimate)
- FD487G1652 (Magura MT5/7)
- FD513G1652 (SRAM Level T/TL)

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