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Nieuwe E-ONE XCR-wielen!

 Lightweight & reliable
Built with extra high quality carbon fibers and resin, the E-ONE XCR makes a mockery of pre-conceived ideas regarding the use of carbon off-road; lightness and sturdiness are no longer antonyms.
The low rim height offers more comfort, better grip and improved handling on rough terrain while keeping weight at a minimum. Specific reinforcements around the spoke heads and a symmetrical profile guarantee resistance and reliability, while customisable spoke offset (centred or asymmetrical) defines lateral stiffness.

 Performance
The wheel is designed and produced for cross-country: a dynamo of explosiveness and reactivity specifically adapted to the intrinsic demands the discipline.
Yet the high-tech construction takes it a step further. It is no longer necessary to stock two or more wheelsets in the bike room. With a little care and maintenance, the E-ONE XCR will take on hours of training, the World Cup rock gardens and the Transvesubienne without batting an eyelid (or a spoke).

 Comfort
The choice of carbon fibres and lay-up as well as the rim profile optimise impact absorption, leading to increased comfort and improved handling without compromising reactivity or handling. Rolling resistance is considerably reduced, as is the risk of having to walk home with a pinch flat.
Rim width is optimised for modern XC riding, maximising tire volume without reducing flank height or compromising ground contact.

 Assembly
The rim is combined with the exclusively-designed EDA SL hub, developed in France by AIVEE for ASTERION. Particular attention is given to the freewheel body, which receives a high resistance treatment for extra sturdiness.
The Swiss-made ceramic bearings are fitted with a mountainbike-specific seal on the outer bearing. The slight compromise made on weight and fluidity is negated by the gain in reliability and longevity.

 Price
The wheelset is priced at 1899 EUR. It comes complete with tubeless aluminium valves, ready-installed ultra-light tubeless rim tape, spare spoke kit, wheel bags big enough to swallow 29” wheels with pumped tired and a certificate of assembly.

The E-ONE XCR bears the ASTERION brand signature, combining the luxury of made-to-measure, handmade wheel building with the precision and reliability of industrial production. Besides being lightweight and high-performance oriented, wheel handling can be exclusively adapted to its rider’s preferences by the ASTERION team.

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