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The perfect grip for any hand, any bike!

These are the latest SQlab 711 grips.The outer contact area is less rounded and flattened instead, The flattened area also raises slightly towards the outside for support. Based on the natural contour of the hand on a grip, contact is drawn forward and slightly rearward at the same time. The clamp is located inside and the clamping sleeve is only in the inner third. This allows more material for increased cushioning and a confident tacky” feel. The flat angular bottom offers a perfect form fit.
The design organically flows with your palm and fingers providing the ideal interface and optimal cushioning. 711 offers extended pressure distribution and hand support compared to a wing design that supports only the outside of your hand. This grip can be squeezed less tightly because it fits better. Your bike remains under control with less
effort. The increased comfort is especially evident a.er a hard trail ride or marathon.
Available in sizes: S, M, L

There are also new 7OX grips availbale. These are suitable for any enduro and downhill rider. The perfect fit for maximum control. The surface o€ffers maximum grip, even in
moisture and mud. Fingers are optimally supported in any situation by the front
and bottom, while the outside provides the necessary comfort.
Available sizes: S,M.

Come and visit us at the show, stand number 512b


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