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Fabriqué en Europe? Oui avec nous!

UBW, which is based in Hungary with production, has the mold construction as a background. Through the increasing demand for developments in the bicycle sector and the decline in mold manufacturing in Europe, we have changed our orientation.

We noticed in the market that many parties had a good idea for a bicycle, but they did not know which party they could go to. As the volumes were low, most could not turn to the larger known manufacturers. The idea or design with which the parties approached us were usually unsuitable for production. Together with our engineering department, we went to see project by project in which way we could get the idea into a production model.

Soon we had ready samples that were linked to our first orders and systematically increased volumes. After our first year of reorientation, we decided to invest in a welding robot for aluminum. The start-up of this welding robot took more time than we had anticipated, we also had to adjust our accuracy of the preparations.

The last year we focused mainly on the assembly of the bikes. Here we noticed that the ready-to-use assembly was a major demand from our customers. We have also purchased a wheel braid, spoke and a tire-laying machine to keep the quality of the wheels stable. We currently send bicycles directly to the end customer for a client of ours, this way they can shorten the lead time between order and delivery.

As we have been active for several years now and we are gaining more and more publicity, we are receiving more and more applications worldwide. UBW has made the choice to focus mainly on 'special' bicycles such as cargo, folding bikes and 3-wheelers.

Through the reorientation of UBW we are trying to get more and more 'Made in Europe' back in the bicycle industry, which still rests alot on Azia.


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